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The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

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Glass bottom boat LOOKER 320

LOOKER 320 is a glass bottom sightseeing commercial hydrofoil boat that offers best in class upscale passenger experience. Created with passenger needs in mind, LOOKER 320 is strategically equipped with all passenger essentials for a full day on the water.

Outfitted with the customer’s choice of a Yamaha engine, LOOKER 320 offers multiple customization solutions to answer unique and specific tourism business needs. Best suited for a small private island or single-hotel application, it is capable to transport 22 passengers on board comfortably when powered by a Yamaha F250 300-horsepower outboard engine.

Versatile design allows for a variety of applications – from shuttle and group excursions to watersports and private trips.

LOOKER boats are known for their ergonomic design, efficient fuel consumption and a unique   style that guarantee to draw customers' attention and interest while creating  a distinctive and memorable brand image for your business.


Glass bottom boat LOOKER 320 is available for sale. 


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Welcome to test drives in:
Zakynthos island, Greece Rhodes island, Greece Tenerife island, Spain Azores ;Islands, Portugal Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Fiji, St.Maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, South Korea

The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

+7 910 6626520
+7 910 7072091

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