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The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

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High-speed catamaran ELLIPS 35

Length: 10.5 m 
Width: 3.2 m 
Capacity: 8 passengers
Hull: aluminium alloy
Engines: 2 x Mercury Verado 300HP, 2 x Mercury Verado 350HP, 2 x Yamaha F350HP, 2 x Mercury Diesel 4.2 320HP 
Weight: 2,6 tons 
Top speed: 50 knots 
Cabin with 'king size' bed (2,08 x 1,6 m) 
Sleeping accomodation for 2 person

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Welcome to test drives in:
Zakynthos island, Greece Rhodes island, Greece Tenerife island, Spain Azores ;Islands, Portugal Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Fiji, St.Maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, South Korea

The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

+7 910 6626520
+7 910 7072091

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