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Russia; Seychelles; Maldives; Zakynthos island, Greece; Rhodes island, Greece; Tenerife island, Spain;
Azores islands, Portugal; Albufeira, Portugal; UAE; Zanzibar; Vietnam; Fiji; South Korea.

The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

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Why don't you type "Glass Bottom Boat" or "Glass Bottom Boat Looker" in Google and check Pictures or Video?

You will see a lot of interesting.

Why do we call our glass bottom
s unique?

We have made our aim to create an ideal instrument for underwater world observation. Lots of people think we've made it!

Diving gives amazing impressions, but requires special equipment, long training and ideal health of diver. Submarines are great, but very expensive in use and it isn't good idea for people having claustrophobia. Ordinary glass bottom boats have narrow field of view, because their bottom glasses are flat and small. Besides, the speed of such boats is very low.

We took the best and created revolutionary series of glass bottom boat LOOKER!


Paritetboat company developed unique ultra-durable bottom window shaped as an optically regular spheroid of never seen before size 2x3 m - it is the biggest size all over the world.
Our glass is made of modified acrylic and has thickness 15 mm it's more solid than fiberglass boat hull.


It allows to enlarge field of view dozens times as compared to ordinary glass bottom boats. For instance, field of view at 9 meter depth is half basketball playground size: see photo! It's indeed a new quality of underwater observation.


Ordinary glass bottom boats are slow and most of excursion time is taken by way to underwater sightseeing, they have small range and often couldn't reach really interesting sites. May be you think that our boats are the same. Absolutely not! Because of special aerodynamic shape LOOKER glass bottom boats make up to 20-40 knots at the customer's option, at the same time consuming minimum fuel. LOOKER with diesel engine and full commercial load consumes 50 l/100 km or 30 l/ hour (4.7 mpg) at cruising speed. It's the best index for 30 ft speed boats.

They have exceptional seaworthiness in rough sea and give highest level of comfort to the passengers. Feeling of soft flying without strikes in LOOKER boat is wonderful, be sure!

Futuristic design of LOOKER attracts stares; our glass bottom boats are in the centre of attention in any beach and marina. That's why LOOKER tours always find their market and it's really effective business.

LOOKER boats have been already used and made profit to the owners all over the world. Countries of our customers: Russia; Seychelles, Maldives, UAE, Greece, Portugal, Azores, Canary Islands, Fiji, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Croatia, Antigua and Barbuda, Mayotte...

Interested? Contact us and we'll produce glass bottom boat,

which meets your requirements to passenger capacity, engine type and options.

By the way, you can make a water test any time you wish and trial our boat in action.

LOOKER – your fast shuttle to underwater world !

Welcome to test drives in:
Zakynthos island, Greece Rhodes island, Greece Tenerife island, Spain Azores ;Islands, Portugal Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Fiji, St.Maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, South Korea

The newest LOOKER320 in the Maldives is ready for test-drive from 20 august 2016

+7 910 6626520
+7 910 7072091

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