glass bottom boat by paritetboat
Glass bottom boat. Test drive in the Mediterranean Sea
Test drive in the Caribbean Sea
Underwater life


Glass bottom boat LOOKER350

We took the best and created revolutionary series of glass bottom boat LOOKER! Why do we call our boats unique? We have made our aim to create an ideal instrument for underwater world observation - boat Looker. Lots of people think we have made it! Ordinary glass bottom boat have narrow field of view, because their bottom glasses are flat and small. Besides, the speed of such boats is very low. Paritet company developed unique ultra durable bottom window shaped as an optically regular spheroid of never seen before size 2*3 m - it is the biggest size all over the world. Our glass is made of modified acrylic and has thickness 15 mm it is more solid than fiberglass boat hull. It allows to enlarge field of view dozens times as compared to ordinary glass bottom boats. For instance, field of view at 9 m depth is half basketball playground size: see photo! It is indeed new quality of underwater observation.

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